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Bears, Lions, Giraffes, Bison, Moose, and Elk out in the wild, as well as a few from zoos.
2016/09/25 17:49:592016/07/23 14:22:28Sheep feeding lambGo away!2014/08/21 17:54:18Drop the clam, mom!3 Bears Watching2012/06/26 15:47:17Bear Cubs Playing2012/06/23 16:53:12Bears Running in the Mud!2012/06/23 12:15:38Bug-eyed Moose in Grand Teton Natl ParkMoose in Grand Teton Natl ParkGuess what I just ate?Cape BuffaloGiraffe at SunriseLeopard checking out the sunset2005/05/21 16:46:54Lion Cub